Parenting Tips For Families Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas – A Jewish Perspective

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Although it is a national holiday in the US, there are many people who do not celebrate this holiday. As a parent, how do you handle the questions and situations that come up when your child asks “why do my friends celebrate Christmas and we do not?” Here are some parenting tips for families who don’t celebrate Christmas.

As a Jewish parent I find it particularly annoying that many people feel that Chanukah is a “Jewish Christmas”. Chanukah has nothing to do with Christmas. Chanukah is the celebration of keeping the light of our faith alive and passing it down to younger generations. Jewish parents should develop a love of faith within their children and you can explain to them that Christmas is a Christian holiday. Take this time to help them understand that you understand how the media hype around Christmas time may have made things confusing for them, but there are many people who do not celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is a good time to discuss diversity with your children. It is a fabulous time to reaffirm your family’s beliefs and values with them. Let your children know how you feel about this religious holiday being a national holiday and take a good look at all of the media hype around it. You can discuss if it is really a religious holiday anymore, or has it become a retail holiday like Mother’s Day.

You can also take this time for tzedakah (charity), and give to those in need. If a financial gift is not possible, you can always help at an interfaith food bank or soup kitchen. Using this time off from school and work for the purpose of helping and giving to the poor is one way that you can show your children how to make this time special while holding to your religious beliefs. If you happen to be in Brooklyn NY, see if Masbia is open and donate time serving meals.

How do you prepare your children to handle questions from Christian friends about why your family does not celebrate Christmas. This can be tricky. Some of these children can be down right rude. I cannot tell you how many times Christian children try to proselytize non-Christians with their faith. Dealing with this can be difficult. Explain to your children that this is how these children were raised and they do not realize that they are being rude. Teaching them tact and how to respond to these questions politely is a skill that you must give them. You can show them through your words and actions how to address this situation. We run into the parents of these children socially, so setting a good example is important.

Using the above tips for families who do not celebrate Christmas should help your children understand the diversity of mankind and perhaps teach them a little tolerance for those who are different.

Sexual Seduction Technique – How to Seduce a Beautiful Woman

There is no such thing as dating out of your league. If that were the case then almost every man in the world would be dating out of his league. For physical attractiveness, there are very few men who measure up to the attractiveness of most women. Women are simply the more attractive of the species, and that is why men have to rely on other factors to get women to notice us.

I truly believe that most men would agree with me on that point.

With that in mind then, it makes sense that we should not see seducing a beautiful woman as a daunting task.

There are very many beautiful women who are utterly alone. Its a psychological issue for some men. Since we see beautiful women as out of our league, we tend to move on to the “plain Jane” type of women because we think we will have better luck.

A truly beautiful women knows that she is beautiful, and she knows that men are going to shy away from them. But the truth is that women find self-confidence to be very attractive and she will respond to a man who follows the rules of attraction and seduction.

You are not her physical equal, sorry about that but it is true. So you will need to do some introspection to look at what your qualities are so that you can demonstrate that.

So all you really have to worry about when attempting to seduce a beautiful woman is to look confident, carry yourself with confidence and follow the rules, the rest will take care of itself.

Ways to Announce Summer Discounts on Wholesale Jewellery

Fashion lovers love to focus on every element related to their fashion. They want to make sure that from their clothes to their accessories are well co-ordinated. For this they even make attempts to follow the fashion trends of international celebrities. One of the most loved aspects of dressing up is the jewellery part of it.

The most common misconception amongst shoppers is that jewellery is pretty simple to buy. But only the fashion lover shoppers are well aware about the complexity related to the jewellery shopping. Jewellery shopping not only requires skill and knowledge but even the right experience. As there are many different kinds of jewellery retailers in the market and to choose one specific style amongst them can be quite difficult.

Jewellery styles are mostly classified in to three styles:

• Outdoor or Casual Style Jewellery

• Formal Style Jewellery

• Traditional Jewellery

Here the outdoor or casual style jewellery is worn as day wears and is perfect for casual dates or for an evening movie outing with friends. Formal wear is perfect for office wear as the look is minimal and the designs are quite simple. The traditional style jewellery is the kind that is mostly preferred for either family occasions like weddings or for festival purposes. Be it whatever style the best way to invest in jewellery is by looking for sales and discounts available on jewellery. This way the shopper can experiment and try out different styles available in the jewellery collections. There are many stores available online that keep their consumers posted about the latest deals available on the jewellery collection but the shoppers must make sure to select only the most trusted retailer. This will help them in investing only high quality and long lasting jewellery items.

Some popular jewellery retailers often announce winter or summer sales and the best way to spot these sales is by making an in-depth research online or by looking for consumer reviews available online. Mentioned below are a few ways using these steps the consumers can spot the summer discounts available on the jewellery collection:

– The jewellery lovers can scout for tourist locations and then look for the local retailers

– Mostly the cost of jewellery in the tourist locations are quite cheaper especially the casual style jewellery

– They can even look for flea markets available in the area or online

– There are many websites that retail in flea market type of jewellery but they must check the quality guarantee before investing in the jewellery items

– Holiday discounts are the best possible way to grab some great deals on the jewellery items

– Another sure way of getting fabulous discounts on jewellery is by looking for a site that offers jewellery at wholesale prices

– These websites are even known to keep updating the discount deals based on the weather type like summer discounts and winter discounts.

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How to Make the Most of Your Outfits’ Shopping Trips?

Whenever I head to the malls, I look at my overflowing wardrobe to remind myself, though usually fruitlessly, that I must exercise restraint. I do the same, when I browse my favorite websites online. The online stores offer irresistible deals, so this personal resolve weakens there considerably. And, when it’s about sales and discounts – whether online or in the real shops – even the constant reminders fail to work.

I am sure that’s the case with most people, these days. After all, who would say no to the wonders of a nice shopping trip! However, what is important is that this ‘happy’ and ‘adrenaline-pumped, relaxed, de-stressed’ feeling remains (and escalates), even after credit/ debit card swipes.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case – always. Once the colorful stuffed bags are in hands, the ‘happy’ feeling fades, getting replaced by guilt or remorse – for many. There have been instances, when I have instantly regretted a purchase. I have seen women cursing themselves for buying something ‘useless’, as they were influenced by a fellow shopper or coaxed by a pushy shop assistant.

Some just cannot say no! Others decide to cancel, or worse, refuse Cash On Delivery orders. Cancellations and refund requests are a routine affair in the online shopping domain, and most ecommerce portals reel under the pressure created by incessant ‘returns’. Many of us just cannot seem to get the most out of our shopping escapades. And, a wrong shopping decision is not just about wasting the money – it’s also a great burden on our time strapped lives.

Well, here we bring you some tips that will help you make the most out of the time, effort and money spent on every shopping trip you take – in the real or the virtual world.

1. Think of Your Vital Expenses – for the month

This is one thing that I have always seen working for my husband, who always mentally cruises through the current expenses list, before he clicks on the ‘Buy’ button. Start with the expenditures that are waiting payment or processing.

Okay, it may sound like a depressing thing to do at the beginning of a, probably, uplifting shopping cruise, but it does make a lot of sense. You will be reminded of the priorities, so you will end up shopping only for the priority stuff.

2. Don’t Go Shopping (even online) – when in a hurry (or just before a meeting)

The feeling of ‘running around’ makes us stressed and anxious. We may not realize, but any frenetic, frenzied run-through is bound to leave you on your nerves.

Purchases made in such a frame of mind are quite unlikely to fit in the ‘great’ category. Also, we tend not to be our resourceful best, in such a state of mind. Plus, hurrying doesn’t let us look for options. Buying whatever we encounter first, irrespective of quality – especially when it’s something essential (at the moment) – is quite likely in a maniac rush.

That is precisely why planning ahead works well. If you have to make some purchases for some event, occasion, wedding or anything – even a gift – do so in advance, as you are unlikely to get something you ‘really admire’ in a hurried shopping trip. For the same reason, I now even avoid buying groceries and veggies in my lunch hour ‘free-time’. Doesn’t really work well, I realized!

3. Don’t Go Shopping – when angry or hungry (or thirsty)!

Cranky is bad, when shopping. If you are hungry, again you will be in a hurry to wind up the shopping, so you can eat (and drink). So, all we talked about in point 2 – applies here too.

Most women decide to go shopping to beat stress or a bad mood, alright. But, ask these ladies, if they love their purchases made on those ‘seriously-need-a-mood-lift’ trips. The majority of answers will put you off doing this in future. Instead, go for a run, or to a park to play with kids, or simply take a stroll with your favorite music in your ears – to uplift sodden spirits. Shopping is best done, when you are in a balanced state of mind!

4. Make a List

As old-fashioned and clichéd as it sounds, preparing lists really helps in prioritizing and cutting out unnecessary buys.

Contrary to the popular belief, making lists ahead of a shopping trip is not restrictive. Instead, it leans a direction and flow to your trip down the mall or street. And, at the end of it all, who is asking you to ‘not’ buy anything apart from what the list lists. Just start with the most important stuff, or something that you actually need, and then go to the peripheries and extras.

It will also reduce your effort too. I recently needed a new Anarkali, which I forgot, as I entered the mall. I shopped for 2 pairs of shoes, which I don’t regret at all. But, on my way back, I realized I ‘really’ needed the dress for my dance class. Since I was already out, I did not go back to level 4 in the mall – to my favorite store. I bought one from a shop near my home, and I rarely wear that suit now. Get the point?

5. Keep a Time-Limit

Okay, I know it sounds quite contra-indicative to points 2 and 3, but ironically it still makes sense. So, you shouldn’t be hurrying while shopping, but you must also know that you don’t have all the time in the world. Your trip or virtual crawling need not be bound by strict time deadlines, making it impossible for you to ‘breathe’. But, you still must set a stipulated time, when you would need to finish you stroll through the mall.

This will help you prioritize and avoid endless comparisons. It will also save time and efforts, as you will not dilly dally! Still not convinced? Try first and tell us later!

6. Visit your Favorite Stores First

Again it’s about prioritizing. When you start your shopping stroll, you are freshest, perkiest and most sorted. Most of us know, what we want and what we need. So, things are clearer. And thus, it makes sense to head to stores that are your favorites, or where you know the fitting, quality, prices etc. are most suitable for you.

So, instead of mindlessly drifting to the spots nearest to parking area or entrance (like my husband does), or getting enamored by biggest discounts and most vibrant hoardings – first head to your trusted labels. Devote the best part of your shopping trip to the places that are sure to fit your personal bill! Everything can come later.

7. Pay by Cash – whenever, wherever you can…

You know how it works. When we count notes to make payments, we better register – how much we have paid. Plastic money doesn’t let it seep in our mind – unless we see those humongous bills.

8. Don’t Go with a ‘Friend’ – who is too haute, too self-immersed, too cranky, too critical, too rich, too careless – basically ‘too’ anything.

We don’t need such influences, when we are trying to make the most of a coveted shopping trip. That’s the reason, shopping online, when at work, surrounded by colleagues with hundreds of divergent opinions doesn’t work well.

Ask for opinions, suggestions, feedback – but not from someone, you know, would always disagree, or has extremely different likes that your own preferences.

9. Dress up well, wear well-fitting lingerie and good shoes

You will, invariably, end up trying your clothes, so you must know how they will actually look on you, when you are ready to ‘go out’. So, don’t make the mistake of going shopping in flip-flops and shabby undergarments, especially with a shopping agenda to buy something special.

Dressing up well also invites good attention from shop assistants, besides giving you confidence to say ‘NO’ when you want to. Look great, feel sprightly and shop right!