Is Laser Removal of Hair a Perpetual Remedy For Smooth Hairless Skin?

Only some of us are blessed with smooth skin. Some of us go through life suffering excess hair on our legs, chest, arms, face and other parts of our body. Unsightly hair can affect the quality of your social life. In fact, you may be one of those who is embarrassed to wear shorts or bikinis because you have an abundance of body hair. Don’t fret, my friend, home laser hair removal solutions are here to resolve your problems.

So what precisely is laser hair removal?

It is a medical process in which a laser is used to remove hair from various parts of the body. Laser hair removal is medically permitted and though it is not permanent it has the ability to cut back the regrowth of hair.

There are several types of lasers utilized during this procedure. The laser emits a single wavelength of intense light. This light targets the melanin within the hair follicle. The superheat from the laser-light destroys the hair and causes it to fall out and keeps it from growing back quickly.

The esthetician generally applies a cooling agent on the skin before starting the procedure. This protects the region from the heat of the laser beam being used, so that the only thing touched is the hair. This cooling agent is applied through the tip of a laser removal gadget or it may be sprayed on the skin.

When you experience laser hair removal remedy, a laser device that produces high-energy light targets the melanin pigment within the hair shaft long enough to heat up your hair but not too long to destroy the surrounding skin.

Laser treatments could be from three to seven sessions with an interval of four to eight weeks interval. Maintenance treatments are usually requisite after the initial treatment procedure to fully stop hair growth in the area. The interval for the maintenance treatments will keep increasing till you no longer require them. Treatments however vary from one individual to another.

If you are you looking at buying home laser hair removal gadgets then the following suggestions should be handy:

Tip 1. Home Laser Hair Removal devices come with three (sometimes 4) settings – low, medium and high. Without exception set the level to the lowest setting when you get started basically to be on the safe side.

Tip 2: Never use home laser hair removal devices for treating facial hair. In preference, visit a verified dermatologist or laser technician before you actually consider it.

Tip 3: Observe all instructions on the device as thoroughly as possible.

Tip 4: Measure up the time and money you would have to pay if you did the actual procedure at a laser clinic rather than order an at home laser hair removal device. If the home intervention makes sense to you then follow your heart.

We are all built uniquely and what feels good and comfortable for one will be a totally dangerous venture for another!

Of course, for most of us, the topmost determining factor is going to be cost. Laser hair removal is undoubtedly not inexpensive for the average wage maker. However, if you work in an industry where you need a lot of personal grooming the price tag may well be deserving the time-saving benefits from laser hair removal. Furthermore, if you have trouble with excessive or abnormal hair growth eg beard growth on women, laser hair removal is an all-out life transforming experience.

In general the price tag per session for laser hair removal is in the region of $500 per session. Most people would need at least 4 treatment sessions. One laser session cannot produce permanent long-term removal. To ensure permanent removal, additional treatments are needed depending on the individual’s rate of hair growth in the affected area. Larger area’s eg. full legs or back will be more pricey than smaller areas eg. upper lip. Every center will have different prices so it will pay to contact a few and contrast the price and services they have to offer.

So, When is the Right Time For a Short Hair Cut?

The short hair cut is as popular as ever and more and more women are taking the plunge and sporting ultra-short locks. From the heavily textured and spiked to the soft and feminine, there is no doubt that the short haircut is here to stay and has proven to be one of the most popular hair cut styles among women.

But how do you know if you should go short with your new hair cut or when you should take the plunge? For most, the answer to these questions is going to be a personal decision, but there are some guidelines that you can follow to help you decide whether or not this style is for you.

Choosing the right style should be a joint effort between you and your stylist. With her professional advice as to what will look sensational on you and your personal preference, together you should be able to find numerous new hair cuts that are perfect for your individual personality, tastes and features.

When to go for the short hair cut and when not to

You should choose a short haircut if you prefer shorter styles or if you have been thinking about going short for a while. If you have already worn a short hair cut in the past and loved it, then you are one step ahead of the game. Likely, you will have a good idea of what short cuts will look good on you and which cuts will give you the most styling ease and freedom.

You should not choose a short style just because it is trendy or you saw it on someone else and want to achieve the same effect. While some styles will look just as great on you as they do on others, getting a short hair cut on a whim is never a good idea. If you see something you like, think about it for a while before deciding to get a new hair cut. Even better – use one of the interactive online hair galleries, to test out the look before you buy

Never get a short hairstyle for emotional reasons. Having a bad hair day? Do not cut your hair off in anger. If you do, you may end up fighting with dreaded tresses that are much too short for your particular style. Instead, go for a trim or a style that is just slightly shorter than the one you already have.

How to go short

If you have never had a short hair cut, you should go shorter gradually to reduce the level of shock experienced with getting a short hair cut and to see if you are going to like wearing shorter styles. Be prepared to experience some level of shock, though, even if you only shorten your style by a few inches.

Talk to your stylist and decide what type of style is your ultimate goal. Then, choose several hairstyles that you can get over the course of a few months that will decrease your hair’s length gradually. That way when you finally take the plunge and get the short style you will know that you will be comfortable with it. Nothing is worse than having to grow out a short hair cut that you hate.

Eight Tips to Find a Barber That Makes the Cut

A fantastic new haircut can send your confidence through the roof. A bad haircut, on the other hand, can really bring you down and make you want to go shopping for some new hats. So how do you get a great cut? It all begins with finding a skilled barber. Here are eight tips to help you find a fantastic stylist:

Ask for Recommendations

The first step in finding a great new stylist is asking your family members and friends for recommendations. Be on the lookout for a person who has a cut you really like and when you see someone, be sure to ask them where they get their hair done.

Read Online Reviews

Another way to identify a potential barber is by reading online reviews. These reviews can also help you determine what kind of atmosphere the salon has and the price range of their services.

Evaluate the Salon’s Cleanliness

Once you have identified some salons you would like to check out, visit them in person and evaluate their cleanliness. A salon with a sanitary and organized appearance is more likely to provide an ambiance in which you can relax and enjoy your appointment.

Have a Consultation with the Stylist

Having a consultation with the barber gives you the opportunity to express what you are looking for in a cut. You want to find a stylist who is going to listen thoroughly to your wants and be able to provide helpful feedback.

Be Wary of Stylists Who Rely Too Heavily on Electric Clippers

While electric clippers certainly have their place, to get the extra depth found in great haircuts, it is necessary for the stylist to use scissors at some point. Using a variety of tools demonstrates a stylist that is dedicated to giving you a great look and not just getting the job done fast.

Listen to the Questions the Barber Asks

One way to identify a skilled, dedicated stylist is by the types of questions they ask. Ideally, a stylist will ask you questions about how you care for your hair, about your likes and dislikes, and about your lifestyle so they can accurately recommend styles and products that will work for you.

See if the Stylist Seeks Your Opinion Throughout the Cut

A great stylist will ask for your feedback during the cut to be sure that you are happy with the style and length thus far and if you would like any adjustments.

Get a Trim to Start

When you are meeting a new barber for the first time, instead of getting a completely new cut, just request a trim. This will give you the opportunity to get to know the stylist and see if you feel comfortable with him before getting a full-fledged haircut.