All In One Cloth Diapers – The Best of Both Worlds?

All in one cloth diapers (AIO for short) are a welcome addition to the reusable diaper industry. They are highly favored due to their ease and simplicity of use, and are a huge upgrade from the boring safety-pin prefold diapers of yore. There are many attributes to make these washable diapers the ones to beat…

In 1950, a young wife invented what is believed to be the beginning of the AIO cloth diaper; it was 4-ply, held together by sewn in fasteners and reversible. The AIO of today usually is made of a fitted waterproof outer shell that is sewn together with extra absorbent cloth that acts as the inner layer. They come already fastened with velcro or snaps and have elastic leg openings that keep the leaks at bay. After the baby eliminates his waste, the diaper is removed just like a disposable, but is not thrown into the trash. If there are solids present, they are dumped into the toilet and the diaper is rinsed or spot treated for fecal matter. Urine soaked diapers can be placed into a pail for up to three days (any longer will cause a nasty, stinky bacteria breeding frenzy) or washed with other soiled cloth diapers in a closed, washable bag.

The manufacturers of all in one diapers have sought to make them very fashionable with vibrant colors and prints. Furthermore, each brand brings something different to the table in terms of design. Bumkins has a line with microfiber inserts for extra leakage protection, as do BumGenius. BumGenius also manufactures an organic all in one cloth diaper. Other popular brands include Bummis, Thirsties, Kushies, Kissaluvs, Drybees, and GroVia.

Like with any cloth diapers, the start-up costs of $200-300 can be daunting. However, that is still less expensive than the entire cost of buying disposables from newborn to toddler. Deals can be found at diaper swaps (check your classifieds), mom groups, garage sales, thrift stores, and local and internet based classifieds.

Lastly, all in one cloth diapers are great for the environment! Over 3 million tons of disposable diapers take up precious landfill space every year. While the regular disposable is barely degrading in the dirt, the AIO is freshly washed and basking in the sun to be used for another day!

Maternity Clothing – Feel Good and Get Through a Tough Day!

One of the most exciting times in your life is when you find out that you are expecting! Whether it is your first or your last, you are going to want to find maternity clothing that will fit your changing body. Finding maternity clothes that make you feel comfortable and looking fabulous is a must. As a mom who tried to make the clothes I already had fit my growing belly, I know first hand how important it is to have a wardrobe that can transition.

Are you a mom who finds herself stuck in sweats and t-shirts? You are not alone! So many moms put themselves on the back burner when there are other priorities. It is hard enough when you find yourself waking up to the sound of crying every few hours. For the mommy-to-be I’m sure you have become accustom to the wee hour bathroom break. My favorite is the beautiful bags that made themselves home under my eyes for the first six months after giving birth. The point here is to schedule time in the day for you! Whether its three minutes or ten minutes, you will have a much happier day if you feel good and look great in the clothes you wear. Think about maternity clothing that makes you feel fabulous when you wear them. The potato sack is no longer a fashion in the maternity or nursing world. Pick out something that is going to flatter your body even if you are just spending the day with your bundle of joy.

Fashion changes each season as new trends set in. This is true for maternity clothing as well. Sometimes it is hard to wear trends as maternity clothes. A few trends that can be worn as maternity clothes include length, details, pattern, and color. At Fashion For Mommy online it is easy to find the latest trends that you can wear both when you are expecting and when you are transitioning back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Maternity clothing can flatter all body types if you find the right fit. A wrap dress is the perfect solution for any event. It is helpful to make sure the fabric can breathe and move on your body. When fashion can equal function you have found the perfect garment to add to your maternity wardrobe. A surplice neckline will also add more femininity to your look. When you feel a bit puffy a flattering neckline will help you feel sexy again.

Taking the time to pick out your outfit for the day will help you get the right start to you possible hectic day. We all know sweat pants and your favorite t-shirt are “oh so comfy” but, when the day gets tough you will find it hard to pull yourself together. When you looked pulled together you are sure to have a more productive day!